Dave S

I think it’s been about 20 years since I last put brush to miniature. Might be 25. I think the last thing I painted back then was an epic Eldar Phantom Titan. And then school, and college and jobs and marriage and a daughter and… Yes, 25 years.

In 2015, I was working at the same company as Eric, my partner-jn-crime for this blog, and he had a whole gang of Warmahordes minis painted up on his desk, really beautiful Cryx stuff. And as he suggested a mini-painting lunch, I just found myself clicking buy on a set of Grey Knights.

And then the conversion bug bit me. Truescale, conversions, kit-bashing, scratch building. It’s been two years of (re)learning how to work practically. My day job is all digital art.  So now I think keeping a log of the projects I’m working on might not be a bad idea. Let’s get to it.

Eric L

I have been painting miniatures since I was about 12 years old, until college at which point digital art became my career, and caused me to hang up the brush for a while.

After switching from an artist to a producer in the ++REDACTED++ industry, I found I had a familiar itch for an artistic outlet, and with no space in my apartment for large projects, miniature painting came back into my life.

The 2nd time around, I’ve been painting for about 7 years and started doing commissions last year. I tend to focus more on batch paint jobs (larger squads) and high detail hero minis.

I have just wrapped up couple of large (40-60 minis each) Robotech commissions, I have pretty large Cryx and Legion of Everblight armies, but my current passions are building up a 30k Word Bearers Army/Daemon support forces and repainting X Wing Miniatures.

I look forward to sharing the work I’ve done and current progress on the blog.