Hey All, Eric Here!  I wanted to do my weekly update on my Dreadtober progress.  I have nearly completed sculpting, Major updates this week included:

  • Arms assembled
  • Connective tissue added to legs
  • Added torn/warped armor to the detail on the shoulder
  • Sculpted a bone tail on the back
  • Sculpted a tongue and extra teeth to the lower part of the chest/stomach

There’s a lot of work I’ve been doing on this model so I’ll give the highlights.

The chest resculpt was cutting out the tubing to the stomach and rescupting them into a tongue/mouth combo with a ton of teeth. It felt like a good continuation of the sculpt that was already there.

The arms were taking the AOS’s Chaos “dreadnought” pretty much as is for the power fist. I added the nozzle of a plasma gun, added a shark fin and some of the extra contemptor parts to the underside.

For the plasma cannon a little more straight forward. It was taking the hellbrute and grafting it into the original plasma gun arm.

I took the mouth with the blade coming out of it from the poor AOS Khorne dreadnought elbow and put it on the shoulder pad. I used a combination of green stuff and plasticard bits to give it the feel of the face pushing through the metal armor.

Once I had the sculpt where I wanted it I then preshaded it. (Also known as zenithal lighting )

For those of you unfamiliar with the technique, it’s where you prime the model with black. Then once that dries, using an airbrush, you spray it with pure white from a 35 degree angle.

It gives a really nice gradient that helps you to see all the light and shadows. If you continue with airbrushing the base coats on it helps a bunch because the light and shadow will show through the base color.

It also helps to finally get some paint on it because it’s made of so many different materials: Plastic, Resin Metal (hah!) and even some green stuff, it’s nice to get it all sprayed the same color so you can see how the different parts are going to mesh together.

Finally, I wanted to show true WIP vs the original Mhara Gal I painted last year. It’s nice to see the difference. There’s definitely more of a sense of bulk it like feels more of natural pose. Just reworking the head and bringing it out of the cowling a bit makes it feel larger and more threatening.

Anyways, hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!


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lovely work Eric and it is amazing you have a bit of everything in this conversion! I agree that getting that first layer of paint, even if it is just primer really helps see the overall look with all the different materials. Looking forward to your paint job on it.

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