X-Wing Commission!

Hey All,

Eric here!

Today I wanted to showcase a 9 piece X Wing commission that I picked up through a friend.  The person who wanted the work done had some specific requests, which honestly I really enjoy working with.

One of my favorite parts about commissions is when they come to me with an idea, maybe even half-formed, and I can turn that into something the client is happy with.

In this case, my commissionee, Jeff already had a few models he had painted by another commission painter for his rebel ships.  My style tends to be different from other painters (I rely heavily on a modified dry brushing technique) so I wanted to make sure that he was clear about that.


The ships:

This latest commission was a nice mix of rebels, scum and a single Imperial Ship.

For the Rebels, my client asked for a gray with orange highlights instead of the usual red.

It was a good mix of mostly heavier ships so there was a fair amount of space to work with.

Typically for Rebels, I will push them more towards a tan or warm gray.  It helps make them feel more sympathetic than the cold blue-grays of the Empire.

Orange being my favorite color, it was easy to start to lay out the patterns on these.   I actually had a lot of fun coming up with my own markings for the K wing and the Arc in particular.   Jeff gave me pretty free rein to come up with my own designs for the orange markings, which is one of the most fun parts to me.

The Scum he wanted to be black sun themed.  After doing some research, I found a black and white scheme that I really liked, with red cockpit windows.  It was easy enough for me to apply it to the ships.

For the two twins, I made their markings along the fuselage slightly different to give them a little bit of individuality.

The only one I had some trouble with was the Jumpmaster.  Likely because I’ve done so many of them (at least 3 or 4) it’s becoming more difficult to do markings that still feel new and fresh.  The crescent moon shape at the front in particular makes it difficult to do anything but variations of the crescent.

In the end I was happy with the results of all of the markings on the scum so I can’t complain too much (more than I already did)

The Star Viper was more straightforward. I picked a slightly different set of markings but mostly followed the panels and made sure it matched the others thematically.

The imperial ship was the most straight forward paint job. The original request was just for detailing but I will typically re base coat just so I am sure the paint will behave in a predictable manner.

Since I was re painting, I pushed the colors closer to the Jedi blue-gray than the original and I added some windows to panels I thought could use it.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Even though it was a few months ago, I’ll do a wrap up of Kublacon shortly.



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