I’m Back! And Camp Grizzly Commission

And then the other one emerged….

Hey All, Eric here!  So it’s been a while since my last post, and I want to eventually circle back to things like the painting submissions from Kublacon this year went.

I apologise for my silence but I’ve had a ton of life changes (all for the better these past few months)

I both took a new job, and moved to an honest to god house.  It’s taken me some time to get back to a regular routine, but tne new painting station has been set up in the garage, (very similar to the previous set up)

I wanted to say that it is great to see my compatriot, Dave’s posts about his motivations. While we’ve talked about what drives us within the hobby, it’s nice to see it written about so eloquently.

My motivations are different especially as I’m going through a phase with more commissions lately. It very much reminds me of my time as a game artist, but with much more input.

At the end of the day I really enjoy taking someone’s vision adding to it then executing it to at least if not better than their expectations.

I wanted to take this comeback post to talk about one of those commissions here:

Camp Grizzly:

Camp Grizzly: http://ameritrashgames.com/

This was done for a friend of a friend I met at Kublacon.  He saw some of my stuff in the painting gallery at Kubla and said “I’ve got some minis for a game I kickstarted with me take a pass at them.

For those of you that don’t know, Camp Grizzly is a board game that is effectively a Friday the 13th game.  You play as a camp councilor trying to escape the camp you and your friends are at while a serial killer (Otis) is chasing you down to murder you.

I really got into the back story of each of the characters and wanted to see what I could do to push the story telling through basing.  So the life guard got a shore scene with a no swimming sign.

I hand built a fence for one of the girls that was running to make it look like she was fenced in and trying to get away from something.

Most fun was Otis himself, I went to town with him, using some twigs I had lying around from a root ball I picked up.  (I tend to hoard small objects I think might be good for my miniatures some day.

I wanted Otis to feel like he’s emerging from the forest, parting the grass and trees around him.  It gave him a totally menacing feeling and made the composition feel like wings or demon horns.

The Best part of this commission was that one of my conditions was that I get to play the game with the guy I was painting for. It seemed like a fun game so I wanted to check it out myself.

The person I was painting for, obliged and invited about 7 other people over and we had a great game night. It’s really a trip to actually play with pieces you’ve painted. Here’s some highlights.

Anyways, I have a bunch of pent up posts so I will be writing and putting them out more regularly.

Thanks for reading!


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