Project Samus Part 5: Base Drive

Edit: This is a post I had written a month or two ago, I’m posting it now so that I can document the basing process.

Hey All, Eric here, I’m onto basing Samus after getting his willing sacrifice/unfortunate victim squared away. I usually have to be in the right mood for basing but I usually end up loving it.

At the beginning of my career I’ve mentioned before that I was an environment artist.  My favorite thing was to build a war torn battlescape.  I always tried within my budgets to make the environments feel as beat up and organically destroyed as possible.

Basing on such a large model, especially one with such long legs is a great opportunity to dust off those terrain skill.

The important thing is always to make the battlesape feel random. Bricks shouldn’t be evenly arranged, no stone should be perfectly placed on top of the other.

I had a problem (in my mind) when I started the basing of Samus, which was that he was already attached to the base itself.  I had glued him down because he really wouldn’t stand on his own easily for painting.  Because of this, both feet are completely flat on the ground, which I typically don’t love.

My solution to this was to make it appear that his footsteps are so hard that he is pulling up the concrete at his feet.  It really helped give him a sense of weight and impact.  I glued down pieces of broken plaster at an angle in a circle around his hind foot.

His front foot I only had this shattered concrete effect on the front side of his foot to imply he is just setting his foot down.

From there it was a combination of more plaster pieces, tiny bricks, a plastic I beam and 2 different consistencies of sand, one coarser, and the other finer but with random smaller rocks.  I purposefully interlaced these different consistencies to help add to the randomness of the base.

Finally, I added some left over Rhino parts I had pre painted, but made sure to cover it in green stuff and sand to make them feel half buried.

Unpainted version below.


It can feel a little chaotic and overwhelming to have so many different colors and textures, so you don’t get the real feel until you base coat it, in my case black.  It both flattened and homogenized the terrain to the point where I thought initially that I hadn’t done enough to it.

I did some light dry brushing with a brown/green mix just to pull out the detail so I could see it:

Overall I’m pretty happy with it 🙂

Below is the painted versions.  I’ll share the final version of Samus in a later post.


I had a lot of fun picking out detail, starting with the bricks then moving to the shattered concrete. then dry brushing the dirt and sand.

When it comes to painting a complicated base like this it’s important to paint in layers.  Putting inks over dry brushing over more inks really help pull everything together and feel unified.

Once that was painted I added the blood details, then went over it with more inks to make it feel like it was bleeding into the ground.

I’ll show more in my final Samus Post later.  I hope you enjoyed!











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