Project Samus Part 4: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Hey All, Eric here.  I’ve finished up the painting of Samus and am onto basing now.  I thought it was a good opportunity to share some of the work I’ve been doing:

Basing is one of my favorite things to do since I was once an environment artist for video games. Back then, I always felt like my levels had to be telling some sort of story with how we decorated the spaces.  I was obsesed with getting things feeling lived in and adding detail that felt random.

I’d purposefully hang pictures slightly off kilter or put a bump in the carpet like a chair was moved, you get the idea.  It’s the same feeling I get when I’m basing a model.  Even with a small base I feel like there’s always an opportunity to set the scene.  Are the in a dungeon under fire? (Stone and arrows stuck into the ground)  Have they just cut down a swathe of civilians and their overwhelmed defenders (as I did with the Gal Vorbak.)

With this scene, I want to tell the story that’s in the Horus Heresy Novel, “Know No Fear” Where Samus first emerges from the body of a slain Word Bearers commander.

My plan was to have 3 converted models.  The Word Bearers commander, Morpal Cxir, a Invictarus Suzarain trooper and a downed Ultramarine.  As I started to block them out, my wife rightly pointed out that the scene was too busy, so I decided to save the Invictarus and just focus on the other two. 

Mortal Cxir: 

For Morpal, I started with an old chaos biker body I had lying around.  I started here because he was already in a seated position, so the leg posing I thought would be a little easier.  I cut up the legs, hips, knees and ankles, then repositioned them all into a kneeling position.

Then I cut open the chest plate, to make it appear Samus originaled from his chest.  I hand sculpted the spine and organs inside the chest, and am using a 3rd party chaos head.  It is important to me that the head be grinning, I want it to be clear that even though he’s dead, he enjoyed his last act of defiance.

 I definitely notice lower sculpting quality on some parts model, but I’m hoping that by adding my own sculpting and other bitz, I can make up for it.

 Defiant Ultramarine:

The downed ultramarine was much more straightforward. He started as one of the downed marines that GW offers as objectives. I simply swapped the mk7 head with a mk4 from the Caleb boxed set. 

I’ve magnetized these two because one of the rules states that Samus can deep strike when ANY character dies, friendly or enemy. I thought it would be cool to have the markers be these two, one for loyalists, one for Word Bearers. 

The next step will be to lay out the actual terrain. If I had thought it through I would have done that before painting Samus but se la vie, I will work around it. I have busted up a Rhino, side plate to add some more debris but I want to keep it pretty neutral, road, bricks and dirt so the 2 dying marines are the focal points of the base.

Anyways hope you enjoyed,


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