The Hound of Zamarkande Part 3

Hi, Dave here. Happy new year! This is a quick post to wrap up my coverage of the pose for my Warhound.

Legs layout and assembly.

I’m not going to lie: this sucked. If I ever decide to do more large, heavy models like this, I’m going to invest in extra clamps and arms to hold things like torsos steady while I work on the leg pose.

I started with a rough idea of the pose and pinned the right foot (no toes at this point) to the stand which is a 12″wooden plate from Michaels craft store. For all the leg work I used 1/8″ brass rod (except in the hips where I ran a second 1/16 rod to stop the hips spinning), and JB Weld as my adhesive for  load bearing joints.

Then it’s on to posing and pinning all the joints. I drill and pin everything first, so I can dry fit and check the pose. often I’ll end up filling the holes with resin and re-drilling to tweak the joint angles until I’m happy with them. I run rod perpendicular the joint axis of rotation rather than along it to prevent joints spinning.

The trick I use for adding the pins is to eyeball the axis along which I need to run the brass rod, drill the hole in the “female” side of the joint and glue in the pre-cut brass rod with CA Glue. Then I put a dab of black paint on the end of the rod and position the “male” joint so the rod touches where I need to drill and leaves a nice black dot. Then I drill that along the same axis and the joint is ready for dry fitting.

I worked my way up from the right foot, over the hips and down the left, checking my posing all the way, and not gluing any joints except the toes.


Color-coded order of operations for leg assembly.

Once everything is lined up how I want it, I secure the joints using JB Weld over a couple of evenings. Here’s the pinning scheme:

And that’s a wrap for the legs. Other than needing an extra pair of hands this is not too complicated, just fiddly and time-consuming.

Thanks for reading!

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that is an incredible amount of work to just get the legs in place! but I love the running/striding pose. Thanks for sharing your tips on pinning the legs and how you put it together.


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