Project SAMUS: Prince of the Ruin Storm Part 1 and 2

Hey all, Eric here.  So I am doing a repost, WordPress seems to have eaten my last post.  😦


I wanted to share my latest project: Samus Prince of the Ruinstorm.


Technically he’s a word bearers ally/lord of war, but he’s kind of his own thing.

For those of you that don’t know, Samus plays a recurring roll in the Horus Heresy as a greater daemon who’s specialty is possession, exploding out of bodies and general jack-assery with communication devices.

He’s actually one of my favorite daemons in the Warhammer universe because of his propensity to talk about himself and the things he’s going to do to you over a radio channel.

So I was thrilled when he got his own model, however the whole thing is kind of a mixed bag for me.  I wasn’t super happy he was made into a Khorne daemon, (he is more of a Tzeench or undivided in my mind) and I really didn’t like Forgeworld’s paint job on the model.  (apply red generously)


I decided to get the model anyways just because I’m such a huge fan.  I have to say I’m really happy I did because I actually really like his model.  He’s much more whip thin and feels more dangerous than your standard issue Blood Thirster.  He comes with 2 right hand options, 1 with half a marine in it, one with an open claw.  To me it is hard to tell what’s going on with the marine, so I did the open claw and it feels much more readable.

I definitely wanted to do something different for the paint job, and it was an opportunity for me to try out some techniques I learned at a 2 day seminar with the amazing Kirill Kanaev.  See Some of Kirill’s work:


A major part of Kirill’s class (I will follow up with a separate post about the class itself) was about using oil paints to do the faces of busts.  (See image below of my 1st attempt)


It was a great class and on top of getting all the gear, really got me thinking about how to use it on a large project.  So I decided to go oil with Samus, at least on the skin.

With that decided, next was coming up with a good color scheme for him.  I most decidedly did not like the standard Khorne, flayed meat skin tone so I decided to look for inspiration.

I had done some plague bearers that had a frostbitten extremity look to them so I decided I’d base the general idea on that, I just needed a color scheme that still had the physicality and aggression of a Khorne follower. (See some of the plague bearers below)

I settled on the color markings from the Goliath in the video game Evolve.  (All credit to the concept artist Stephen Oakley for the design)  which you can find here:


I really liked the pink undertones in the hands, feet and tans in the chest with the black on the “outside” of the monster.  I decided to appropriate the general idea and use it on Samus.

I really want him to feel really meaty and physical.  I have to say that I was very happy with the outcome.  Using oil is really perfect for this type of work because it allows you to blend colors over the course of days, not minutes.  I can paint a section (see the torso below) then come back the next day and the oil acts as if I just put the paint on.


Of course the downside is it never really is dry and requires you to treat it with kid gloves for months.  I read that it’ll be 6 months before the paint is dry enough for me to varnish it, so I’ll have to keep the pair of toddler hands I have running around the house away from him for a while.

Here’s some shots of him a little further along.


I’ve gone a bit further and have fleshed out the face to my liking, and I’ve laid down the base coats for the armor which I’m doing in acrylic.

I will post more in the coming days but for now I hope you enjoy!






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