Word Bearers: Gal Vorbak Squad 2 Conversions 

Hey All, Eric here. So tonight I’m gonna share the project I’ve been most excited about and have been chewing on in the background for some time, my 2nd Gal Vorbak squad.

The Gal Vorbak are the fighting elite of the Word Bearers, and favored sons of Lorgar. They represent the promise of a life in unison with he chaos gods.  They are also the template for all future possessed space marine and are bigger and even more fearsome.

I knew early on in starting my 30k Word Bearers army that I wanted at least 10 of these guys. They are some of my favorite Forge World models because they capture the mutation aspect and wrongness of what’s happened to them. It’s more akin to cancerous growth than a scaly tail or over muscled body.

I had previously (see earlier blog posts) painted a squad of 5 Gal Vorbak. For the 2nd squad it didn’t make sense to have duplicate models them being each subsumed by their own personal daemon, so I started to gather up bits and pieces from other mutant models and planned out what I wanted to see in each one.

Below I will walk through each model in the squad. I started with a theme I wanted to explore, and I would build off of that. I’ll also include the base model from squad 1 in my final pic so you can see the delta.
Squad Leader:

I knew I wanted the squad leader to have lightning claws, but obviously they had to be mutated. I started with the warp Talon lightning claws, using the finger claws for the one in the background. I added a 6th finger on that hand (yes, 6 fingered man) to give that hand a subtly wrong feel. The hand in the foreground I used a different lightning claw arm and augmented it by using a hand from the forsaken warhammer fantasy sprue.
I finished him off with my favorite of the Varanguard heads from WH fantasy, and put a single wing coming off of his back.  Practically I always like to be able to find my squad leaders at a glance on the board, but I liked the idea that he’d have this useless wing as part of his mutations.

Comparison with Squad Leader’s base model:


This was my first idea for a conversion for the 2nd squad. My inspiration was Gutrot Spume from WH Fantasy.

I loved how naturally the tentacles flowed from the model and I tried to replicate it. I used the tentacle arms from the Forsaken WH fantasy regiment, scratch built the backpack nozzle, and swapped a different Gal Vorbak arm for the other arm.

Comparison with the twinzie:


This model started with the thought: “What would happen if you got the drop on one of these monsters?”

The answer is, he’ll whip around and kill you anyways!  He was again taking pieces I really liked from the Forsakens (monster arm and helmet) and using a different arm from the GV set. This one probably ended up feeling he most different from his base, I love it when I can get a completely different feel from the same base model.

Side by side:


Humanity Lost:
I knew I wanted to have at least one Gal Vorbak be helmetless. I wanted to attempt to show what these men lost in making their literal deal with the devil. For this I wanted him to be somewhere in between a bezerk howl and horrified with what he’s become.

The head is from the Varanguard set and the arms are from the Forsaken set. I kinda wanted him peering at one of his hands, but I was most excited about the 3 bladed arm because it reminded me of the taxi driver from Total Recall.

Side by side:


The Blade Master:
I had found the daemon sword early on in the conversion process, I liked the idea of the weapon also changing, so this guy will represent a power weapon trooper. The sword was great because I could paint the spikes as fire, tying it to the rest of the model. I added the double arm from the same forsaken spruces and swapped for a pistol arm.

I wanted to try a different flame color to further differentiate from the original. Thruthfully I’m still a little mixed about the results with the flame color but I’m still happy with the mini overall. You can definitely tell them apart when they are together.

Side by side:


I will leave you with one final shot of the full group of 10 mixed together. 

Anyways, that’s about it. Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed the in depth post. 🙂

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Fantastic work on them Eric! The conversions really add to each of the models and set them apart from their ‘twinsie.” I like the blue flame, makes him more menacing while striding towards you with the sword, almost like ethereal energy is powering him onwards.
The whole squad looks epic.


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