Dreadtober 2016 Part 2: Finished!

Dave here! I’m very pleased to say that I’ve completed Dreadtober for 2016. While I ran a couple of days over, given that work, Halloween costumes and out of town visitors took up a lot of the month, I think I done good. Happy face.

Massive thanks to Joe B for his stellar work organizing the whole project, for providing encouragement and support, and particularly for going the extra mile by posting up progress showcases and tutorials along the way. Thank you Joe! This has been an absolute blast.

I also want to thank all the Dreadtober participants: seeing everyone’s work posted each week was a huge inspiration and a source of some envy too. You’re an insanely talented bunch! Well done to everyone.

And finally, cheers to the Instagram and twitter folks who have put up with my WIP posts. While I rarely have the time to put together a full blog entry (yes even a short one like this), posting a quick shot up to IG and seeing the responses adds fuel to the hobby fire.

So anyway, here are the final shots of my Dreadtober entry, the Domitar-Lamina Battle Automata of the Cult Stochastic. Holy shit I based something.


And as a bonus, a Skitaarii Praestia bodyguard for the Cult.

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Looks really well chief, glad you managed to get through and get it up. I don’t know how Joe does it to be honest, I host eleven people for Dreadtober on my blog and that was stressful let alone the volume he looked after.


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