Dreadtober #3: Oct 15th Progress

Hello folks, Eric here.  I skipped last week, update. I had a lot going on including cracking a bone in my arm.  😦

The prognosis is good, the doc said I actually need to be using the arm to keep it from stiffening up soooo….. my projects can continue!

First off for the Dreadtober update allow me to introduce the leader of the Contemptor Dreadnought Talon: “The Deacon” Hun Golal.


In his first life, Hun Golal was the Word Bearers chaplain in charge tending to the spiritual needs of the Dreadnoughts of the Legion.

When Lorgar Aurelian led the legion into the worship of chaos it was Hun Golal who had the task of reindoctrinating the Dreadnought brothers into the new faith as they were brought out of stasis.  He had an excellent record of converting his Dreadnought brothers to the Primordial Truth.

Hun Golal had only one notable failure, which directly lead to his 2nd life as a Dreadnought. Now interred in the sarcophagus of the Dreadnought that ended his life, he continues to tend to the spiritual needs of the Dreadnoughts of the legion.

In honor of his unique position, the Legion had a massive Crozius fashioned for him which he wields in battle as he did in life.

He also leads the Dreadnought Talon that bears his name, taking personal command over 2 of the most challenging Dreadnoughts to tend to. (More on their backstory later)

Thank you for indulging my fan fiction. 🙂

To finish up on the model, I took the “crozius” from the hand of menoth warmachine model. I hand build the handle to give it extra length and wound wire around the pvc pipe to give the handle texture. (Thanks Dave for the tip)

I took the front of a relic Mk 4 Dread for him to stand on. (Heroic standing on defeated enemy pose).

Other hobby progress on my Dreads, I completed sculpting and got my red basecoating done. I also found bases for both of them and am waiting on shipping for them.  See pics below:

The Devoured

The Devout:


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