Dreadtober Challenge #1: Planning

Hey All Eric here. I have signed up for the Dreadtober Challenge!  In a nutshell the goal is to build/convert/paint a dreadnought in the month of October. (Straightforward right?)

The organizer of Dreadtober, Joe B.  will be sending out weekly challenges for the build. This week (technically before October starts) is to plan out what we will be building and gather all materials we need.

To that end, my goal for Dreadtober will be to build and paint an entire Contemptor Dreadnought Talon! (3 Dreads in all) for my 30k Word Bearers Army.

I have 2 GW plastic contemptors from the Calth Box sets and one Word Bearers Contemptor Dread from Forgeworld.

I’ve been thinking about backstories for the 3 for a while and will be converting the 2 plastic ones accordingly. The Forgeworld one is good as is so no conversions for him.

I’ll update with my attempt at some fan fiction in a later post when they are further along. For now I will just name them and talk about themes

I have a host of weapons and will be magnetizing them so that I can mix and match, do Mortis Dreads etc.

I have cheated a little bit in that I already started the first plastic one. I call him “The Devout”

I really like these models. But find the basic pose really boring. Because of that I glued him together, then cut apart the  model at the elbows, waist and hips to repose him. I magnetized at the elbows and weapons so I can swap weapons. (And even put him in a sassy pose)

From there I’ve added a couple of books to his chest plate and shoulder pad. From here I am going to add some (im)purity seals and scrolls to add to his devout-ness.

The Forgeworld Dread I am calling “the Deacon” he will be the leader and spiritual anchor for the “idiosyncrasies” of the other two. I will magnetize the elbows but will otherwise not do much conversion.

The 3rd I’m calling “the Devoured”. If I can pull it off, he should appear to be completely nuts. He likes trophies which he displays on his sarcophagus, and in his lucid moments prays to become a Mhara Gal.

I want him to represent the descent into madness of the Word Bearers. He should look completely unhinged and grizzly.

He will be the most ambitious of the three as it will require some hand sculpting to do what I want.

So there you go, stake has been placed in the ground. It’s ambitious but I figure even if I’ll take a crack at it any see how far I get.

Thank you to Joe B. for organizing this I can’t wait (already have) to get started!

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