Dreadtober 2016 Part 1: Domitar Concept

Hi, Dave here. While I have not had a huge amount of time for hobby in the last little while I do have an update coming later in the week. Thanks Eric for keeping the blog alive! You’re killing it.

I am super stoked for Dreadtober 2016. Eric’s about covered all the context, (and he’s the one responsible for alerting me to the opportunity) but I’d like to say say is thanks to Joe B for setting all this up and herding us cats. So. Excited.

I can’t tell you how much I love the FW Domitar model. It’s a beast and it’s nicely posable. I had plans for my second one but I redirected when the Cult Stochastic idea arrived. I HAD to have one of these for the cult.

If I just painted models, I might be in danger of actually finishing something, so to mire myself in indecision I thought that this needed some conversion to fit the Cult’s visual design. But as I actually do need to stick to a schedule this time I bashed out a quick paintover to figure out some of the ideas. It will no doubt evolve once I’m into the bits box (and I have still to design a halberd-thingy for him). So I’ll leave you with this general idea:


Oh yeah, and more arms. And tentacles. And blades. See you in Part 2.

edit: quick doodle from lunchtime:




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