Some thoughts on progression

Eric here.  I wanted to share some of my miniatures work throughout my lifetime, to show where I started and how I ended up where I am today.

I have been painting miniatures nearly my entire life.  I remember getting banned from doing artistic book reports, because I would make these elaborate shoe box vignettes showing a scene from the book.  Maybe it was a sign….

The below image shows work ranging from (near) when I first started painting at 14 until today.  Progression

It’s always neat to me to see where I started and what I was going for.  I’ll do my best to annotate the images below.

Space Marine Scout from the Original Tyranid Attack Box set.  Age: 14

I was clearly trying to stick closely to the paint scheme I saw in the books or White Dwarf, I even tried the split field heraldry on the shoulder.  You can see I was just starting to experiment with washes on the legs.

Original Ghazghukull Mag Urk Thraka:  Age: 17

Blending colors has always been something I’ve really enjoyed doing and you can start to see that happening in his horns.  I remember feeling super proud of the checkers that I hand painted on his shoulder pads (black and white checkers being the hallmark of the Goff Tribe) I’ve also had a deep abiding love for Orange which is where the outlining comes from.

Word Bearers Chaos Sorcerer : Age: 20

Did I mention I love orange?  You can see I started branching out on my color blending, I remember being particularly proud of the headdress because I got the blend going without any banding.  I was also starting to experiment with flame patterns (see the robe)  I feel like given the style of miniature painting in the late 90’s (bright saturated colors) this model felt sinister for the time, if not so much today.


Bloat Thrall: Age 32

College was where I got serious about treating art as more than just a hobby.  I started to do fine art work and eventually got hired as a professional video game artist.  After a number of years I transitioned to being a project manager, and literally the week I made the switch I found that yearning to do something creative for myself.  Hence my return to miniatures painting.  This Bloat Thrall was part of a larger Cryx army I was painting at the time.

I really enjoyed giving the metal an old worn feel and since I’d had some formal art training, I started to use my knowledge of clamping the color pallet, spattering to make the creature feel dirty etc.


Gal Vorbak Trooper: Age: 38

I’ve posted images of this mini before but I think it shows best my growth as a painter. I still love orange, but I’m using it much more sparingly.  I will gradient my miniatures from head to toe to make the upper body more of the focal point, I use color (purples in this case) instead of black in the shadows to keep the miniature feeling vibrant instead of muddy, and I am using a lot of bounce light to make those flames feel like an integral part of the piece.

This is part of the 2nd Word Bearer’s army I’ve painted in my lifetime.  I have really been enthralled by the Horus Heresy Story-line and particularly how the Word Bearers were the originators of the madness to come.  I’m purposefully keeping them much darker and more menacing than the ones i painted in my teens and twenties.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane.  I wanted to share this with you because I want to show that no matter where you start or where you are at this moment, if you keep working, you will improve, you will learn and I hope you will enjoy each paint job more.  I’m always looking forward to the next miniature and where it will take me.





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