Word Bearers: Mhara Gal Tainted Dreadnaught

Hey All, Eric here again.  So this is a mini I’ve been working on for a looooong time.It is a super detailed, high level of intricacy model so I have to be in the right frame of mind for it.  Though challenging, it was actually a super fun model to paint.

This model actually started off as a gift from my compatriot, Dave.  We took issue with the pose of the model, and offhandedly I  said I thought there must be a way I could make him look cool.  (read: not like a toddler trying to walk) Dave took that as challenge accepted and handed me the mini.

One of the interesting problems to solve with him is where to draw the eye.  The model is so packed with detail that it’s easy to get lost, as it is with the other posessed minis from forgeworld.  I tried to focus the eye by making the tainted flesh a really pale, blue so it breaks up the spaces and allows you to focuse on one section at a time.

I also realized the focal point for me on this model was the teeth on the chest so I tried to make that the brightest, most colorful point (around the gums of the teeth) to pull the 1st read to that area.

The base is  one of the corpse field bases from the excellent Secret Weapon Miniatures:


I started with that, added my own gravel and chopped up a spare upper body marine from the calth set.  There I wanted it to feel like a defeated vetran sargent or captain who got torn in half and couldn’t protect the bodies in the front of the Mhara Gal.

As far as next steps they probably won’t be dramatic, I need to do the writing on the scrolls and add some tufts of grass, I may do another update once it’s 100%. But for now, Enjoy!




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Fantastic work Eric. The colors are awesome, I especially like the purples and blues for the innards. Painting the teeth so bright did help draw my eye to the chest, so great job on that.


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