Word Bearers: Gal Vorbak Conversions WIP Part 1

Eric here!  I wanted to share some of my WIP work.

The Gal Vorbak are some of my favorite units in all of war gaming. I am a sucker for the fluff and GW has written some excellent books about the word bearers and their fall from grace.  The Gal Vorbak feature heavily into that fall, effectively paying the price for their father’s dalliance with the dark gods.

Since I first painted the original 5 Gal Vorbak, I have been thinking about how I would expand the squad to a full 10 man unit.  Given their nature they all really lend themselves to being unique and different. The original Forgeworld sculpts do an excellent job of making them feel like it’s tumerous or cancerous mutations so I wanted to see that continue into the 2nd set of GVs.

Given that I have been collecting a ton of bits from different mutant units. I have head and weapons from the Vranguard, a unit of Warhammer Forsaken, as well as a bunch of random bits.

Dark Martyr (Squad Leader):

For the Dark Martyr, I knew I wanted him to have lightning claws, but I wanted them to be asymmetrical so I got some as bits off of the warp talon/chaos raptors set.  I modified both, using one of the forsaken hands, and adding added a 6th claw to the other.

I used one of the more exciting Varanguard heads (I’ve always been partial to the hell boy horns).  To denote he is the leader and quickly draw the eye to it I added the one unfolded wing.  I wanted him to feel even more imposing and scary, but not imply he could actually fly.  This has a “he’s on alert” or just found his prey feel I really liked.  With the large wing I can also see where he is on the table at a glance quickly.

Tentacled Gal Vorbak:

This one is still very much WIP.  I want to keep with the theme of them still caring a bolter or bolt pistol so I will likely swap in one of the other more or less intact arms.

I always thought this pose was strong and wanted to merge it with elements of the Gutrot Spume model from Age of Sigmar:


For the tentacles I primarily used one of the tentacle arms from the Forsaken regiment from AoS.  I chopped it up into constituent tentacles then went about placing them around the primary arm straight into the green stuff.

I will likely continue to add tentacles across the body, maybe off of the backpack, around the face and even on the opposite shoulder pad,  I’d like to see one replace the largest spike bursting through the pad.



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