Word Bearers: Praetor and Chaplain Conversions

Hey All Eric here.  I wanted to share a few minis I’ve been working on that are nearly complete.  My Legion Praetor and Chaplain conversions for the word bearers.


They were already great models but my problem with the originals (See below) was they felt too generic.  The Chaplain was painted in Word Bearers colors but never felt sinister.


Starting with the Praetor, I replaced the heads with with one of the excellent sculpts from Evil Craft, to give it a maniacal evil vibe.


I replaced the chain fist with a Thunderhammer from Forgeworld’s Cataphractii special weapon set.

Then I added a 8 pointed star belly plate from one of the random chaos warrior bits I had laying around, and finished him off with a anathema dagger, just in case I wanted him to also rock a tainted weapon.

For the Chaplain, I obviously replaced the head with something more daemonic appropriate.  This head swap was more difficult than it might look because the head actually only came as a separate mask I had to take one of the Calth bare heads and graft the back of it to the mask.  After that the only major change was to add a book to his belt.

The bases aren’t quite done yet, I’m going to go in and add some marble veining and then probably call it done.

 Edit:  added some additional pics of them on a display plinth. 



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It’s the mask from the leader of one of the AOS Khorne bezerkers. I combined that with one of the back of one of the space marine bare heads to make it feel more proportional.


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