Cult Stochastic: Maga Domina WIP

Dave here! Back after a nice chill vacation with the family, ready for a busy couple of weeks with work. As I managed to get bitten by a Dark Mechanicum bug, I had to get this idea out of my head and into a kitbash.

I’ll post more on my thoughts and concepts for the Cult Stochastic in the next few posts, but suffice it to say that they’re a rather (too) forward thinking bunch who believe that the path to the Omnissiah lies through embracing change, randomness and error. The principle truth they have come to accept is heresy: that souls are not exclusive to organic life.

So here’s Maga Domina Zura Saric. Chassis is a Warmachine Iron Mother with some Skitarii sprinklings and a ton of greenstuff hoses. Next up I’ll resolve the belt and finalize cloth and other drapery.




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