Word Bearers: Snipers and Devastators

Eric here!  I’m going to have to be a bit of a tease and show you more of the rank and file of my World Bearers before we get to the specialty units.  I promise, there are Ashen Circle and Gal Vorbak pics on their way.

For this installment, I wanted to showcase some of the support squads:  Scouts and Devastators.  While my compatriot may find bulk painting “mindless” I think there’s always an opportunity to tell a story even with the rank and file.

For the Scouts I wanted them in the blood red armor, but they still need to blend in, I made the cloaks the gray of their previous heraldry, which I figured would be a nice statement as to them concealing their true allegiances at Calth.

When it came to the camo, I thought that their concealment should be more than just in the mortal realm.  I used the Word Bearer Golden Glyphs to show that they are relying on dark powers for their stealth, not just their gear.

The Devastators were fun because I wanted their lascannons to simultaneously feel like serious equipment, and have a bit of religious veneration going on with them.  Hence I tried heavy gold accenting on their weapons.  I wanted them to feel serious but gilded at the same time.  Hole-punching tanks should be a sacred duty to this squad.


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