Endless Waves of Yellow

Hi, Dave here again. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been painting up a small 30K Imperial Fists army. I started with the Betrayal at Calth set, and have been adding Forge World units.

Progress has been glacially slow. As it turns out I really, really (no really) dislike repeating creative work. I much prefer one-off models. I’m so much more into crafting the fluff around a given character (or group of characters) than mindlessly batching through marine after marine.

So: armies are a mental challenge for me. It’s a big part of why I’ve focused on the Deathwatch units: low numbers, highly individual, with a great opportunity to do some visual storytelling. For me the hobby is fluff over crunch every time. World-building, roleplaying, storytelling; these are fascinating for me. Rules, min-maxing and competitive play just aren’t that interesting.

As a compromise, here are two Fists characters that showcase the color recipes and general style I’ve been using on the army thus far.

Alexis Polux.

And a Praetor in Terminator armor.

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