Weathering Test

Hi, Dave here. Tonight I did a quick test paint to see how my idea for weathering the Cerastus Knight would go. I’m going to try the hairspray technique for the fist time. Well, chipping medium, but same deal. ScaleModelMedic has an excellent intro to this technique, and there are a ton of other great resources on youTube too.

One of my much-abused Imperial Fists test models got the the treatment. These poor bastards have seen so much yellow. I will say this is about a billion times easier to paint than my Fists color scheme.

The colors are roughly what I want to go for; I’ll tune the red and probably zenithal highlight everything before I chip.

I definitely need to back off a hair on the amount of chipping (though this is a much smaller model). The results are pretty well what I was looking for though; a really natural breakup of the top paint layer showing primer and bare metal.

I’m glad I took the time to experiment. I have a habit of diving in with no solid plan. This time though I think I’m ready.

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